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Stratasys’ Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Jon Cobb, sat down with Larry King to discuss the amazing possibilities of 3D printing on the show Larry King Now. After 25 years at CNN at the helm of Larry King Live, King now hosts and produces Larry King Now as an on-line news program for Hulu, RT, and Ora TV.

larry king 3d printing

From left, Aaron Walsh, Larry King and Jon Cobb

King was joined by Cobb and Aaron Walsh, a professor at Boston College who uses 3D printing as part of his innovative approach to teaching IT (Information Technology), to discuss 3D printed applications in manufacturing, medicine, defense and more. King even received a 3D printed model of himself, following a visit from 3D scanning and printing experts at CoKreeate.

WREX magic arms 3d printing

The creation of Emma’s “magic arms”

Cobb discussed how 3D printing has evolved over the past two decades:  “At the beginning, 3D printing was set up to as a tool for the engineer and the designer, really for prototyping. As recently as five years, we’ve really started to see 3D printing get involved in manufacturing — manufacturing jigs and fixtures, on the assembly floor – and the Nirvana of 3D printing, which is printing of end-use parts,”  explained Cobb. He also provided an in-depth look at the WREX medical device that became famous as “Emma’s Magic Arms.”

Additionally, King was heartened to learn about Project Daniel, from Not Impossible Labs, which spearheaded an effort to get 3D printers and designs to Sudan in order to create prosthetics for those who had lost limbs in that country’s ongoing civil war. The trio in the studio also talked about bioprinting, digital dentistry and the possibilities for 3D printed organs.

King’s insightful questions provided the opportunity for terrific explanations and the chance to bring 3D printing to his worldwide audience.

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