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There’s nothing more romantic than an engagement story involving 3D printing. When we saw this story of Joris Donders in our mailbox; we had to share it with you! 

«I’ve always been someone who tries to be creative in my own way and I couldn’t afford my proposal to be any less. I wanted to have something which would help us remind the moment every time we would look at it. A picture of course would have been too simple. At the same time I wanted something that could help me explain the question just in case that I was to nervous to say it myself. You never know how you’ll feel at such moments.»

«I didn’t exactly know what I was going to make, but then it hit me. As an engineer I knew about the 3D printing capabilities and someone pointed me towards i.materialise. I was expecting a lot of difficulties and a very high price but I couldn’t afford not to investigate. I had to know if it would be possible to design what I had in mind.»

« Deep inside my own heart lied a question. And that was exactly what the design had to exude. I started using Sketch up and drew a heart with a mesh structure so that you could look inside. This way I could put 2 interlocked rings inside which had our names and a date graved into it. With this I would be able to propose with the symbol in one hand and the ring in the other hand. I even threw in a joke by giving myself about 10 years to actually get married because of the fact that the graving inside one of the rings says ‘Anneleen & Joris 201x’.»

«i.materialise helped me design this symbol and gave me the possibility to bring my idea to life. This heart is now on top of our Christmas tree every year and has a firm spot in our home. It’s a reminder to that specific evening on the Empire State Building where I put it around her neck and the ring around her finger.»

«Thank you so much for helping me start a family.»

Do you have a story you want to share with the community? Go to our forum our send an email to tatiana.dewee@materialise.be.

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