unellenu (aka Janelle Wilson) is a jewellery artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her work has been featured on Shapeways.  Her jewellery is a bit different to most – she uses fractals as the inspiration for her work producing some non-trivial shapes that are sure to appeal.

Janelle’s formal studies include a Bachelor of Design at UNSW COFA, Sydney Australia and completing a jewellery apprenticeship attending Enmore Tafe. Janelle has always enjoyed designing and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques. Her professional experience has largely been in jewellery including sales, management and some fine jewellery design. Janelle has also worked in graphic design for web and print.

Janelle was kind enough to be interviewed by 3D Future

Q:Lets get straight to it! Why fractals? What inspired you to use fractals so much in your work?

A: I love the visual complexity, yet overall coherence of fractal forms. Themes of repetition and transformation fascinate me.

Spiralling Spirals fractal model http://shpws.me/lmCu

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