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3D printers can create some amazing works of art. Some recent examples include a tower of abstract resin, or 3D printed portraits of people. Now one Dutch artist may have created the best work of art to come from 3D printing.

Caspar Berger recently underwent a CT scan to get an accurate readout of his entire skeletal structure. He used the data to create his own skeleton using a 3D printer. Here’s the thinking behind the project straight from Berger:

The last self-portrait I made centred on skin, the essential boundary between the external (appearance) and internal (inner self) as a personal or cultural membrane. The question was whether the ‘pure portrait’ does not consist merely of ‘skin’, as all that is directly visible and tangible, and how much ‘self’ is needed to create a true likeness.

Where my last portrait was about flexible skin, I have now turned to what supports the body: the skeleton. I see the skeleton as the basis of the physical body, but also as the carrier of our ‘eternal identity’, which long after we are gone continues to reveal who we were.

You can view some images of Berger’s 3D printed skeleton at his Facebook profile. He’s also documenting the creation of his skeleton sculptures via a number of YouTube shorts.

[h/t: Gizmag]

Read more here: Dutch Artist Recreates His Own Skeleton Via 3D Printer

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