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Cisco Dave Evans Anybot robot

Cisco’s Dave Evans has a fantastic job. His role is to hobnob with all the brightest minds in technology and predict the future.

He then builds prototypes for Cisco’s customers of this newfangled stuff in action.

BI recently met up with Evans and toured an office-of-the-future lab at Cisco’s San Jose headquarters, where he keeps a selection of these prototypes on display.

None of this stuff was built out of idle fancy—which differentiates Evans’s operation from other R&D wonderlands. Every one of of these prototypes were developed for a specific Cisco customer wanting to solve a specific business problem.

Evans holds an object made from a 3D printer.

3D printing will soon revolutionize manufacturing.

Send the blueprint to the 3D printer and the thing comes out fully assembled, whether that’s a hairdryer (complete with working electrical cord) or a bicycle (complete with wheels).

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