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Today is a big day for making-pioneers toy-lovers and 3D printing enthusiasts: MAKIES Alpha is live!

MakieLab founder Alice Taylor left her job at Channel 4 to pursue her start up dream. One or two years ago, she came to visit us, talked about her start up, and printed some prototypes. And now that dream has become reality!

MakieLab has been working hard to give you features like cloth customisation, achievements, hundreds of new items and outfits… It seems there are 100 Alpha Edition MAKIES up for grabs and the shop is now open. Start creating the first batch of 3D printed action dolls EVER to be made. A MAKIE of 10” high, 3D printed, big-eyed will cost you £99 inc VAT.

So get your asses off to http://makie.me and follow them on Twitter through @makielab. And of course, congratulations Alice for pulling this off!

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