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  • Nov : 26 : 2015 - Announcing: Sculpteo’s 2015 BLACK FRIDAY Deal
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Forgive us for the countdown drama, but our engineers have been working on something very exciting! It’s fun to have a big secret, and it’s even better to shout it out: Our new printer is so cool!

First of all, for a professional Fused Deposition Modeling system, Mojo is impressively compact. It fits in my humble cubicle. I know this because a 3D-printed prototype sat on this very desk for a few days last winter. FDM on a desktop. And why not? Independent research says 80 percent of 3D models ordered from service bureaus would fit in Mojo’s 5 x 5 x 5-inch build envelope.

Second, the WaveWash 55 takes what is usually the least exciting part of 3D printing — support removal — and makes it fun. Around the office, we can’t resist comparing it to a Mr. Coffee; and not just because of its appearance. It works with tap water and no special plumbing hookup.

Finally, the models are great. Otherwise, what would be the point? Even though Mojo is small, it prints faster than its predecessors and in fine detail: Layer thickness is .007 inches (.178 mm). We like to think about all the designers and engineers whose creativity will get a boost from an affordable 3D printer that performs so well.

So there it is: Mojo. We hope it brings you magic!

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