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Sculpteo Pro provides 3D printing services for businesses. We have years of experience working with demanding companies needing rapid prototyping and limited series’ production.

3D printed architecture model made with color and laser-sintered polyamide.

Credit photo: Jean-Baptiste Pontecorvo

We respect 4 core values for every clients we serve:

1- Confidentiality: we ensure full confidentiality for your 3D prints made with us. Lots of businesses we are working with don’t want to communicate on their prototypes and 3D printed series. We help you keeping your research & development fully private.

2- Easy Online Quote: when uploading your files on Sculpteo.com, you get a real-time estimation of the cost of your 3D prints. You can choose among 10 materials (have you heard of our new strong Alumide?) and change the size of your objects in a click in order to adjust the cost and get the exact result you need.

3- Fast Shipping: we are among the fastest on the market. Your items will be ship from 24 to 72h, and you will get your order deliver at your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

4- Decreasing Prices: we offer great prices for your limited series made with Sculpteo. The more you print, the cheaper it gets.

For any inquiries, please contact us at +33 1 83 64 11 22 (worldwide) or 1-800-814-1270 (US toll free number). Our contact form is here if you prefer to write us your questions.

Discover all Sculpteo Pro services on our website.

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