I’ve been keeping my eye on these guys down in Santiago, Chile, who will be opening their new STGO MakerSpace with a MakerBot Replicator, a Thing-O-Matic, and a Cupcake CNC (#502!) — or, as they put it, “the whole evolution of the 3D printing revolution!”

Today we find out that “The eagle has landed!” The Replicator we shipped has arrived in California and will shortly be on its way to its new home in Chile.

We simply can’t wait to hear more details about what looks like a beautiful space. It’s founders, Tiburcio de la Carcova and Macarena Pola, have thrown up some nice pictures on their blog and even a floorplan for how the tools will be arranged.

Let us know when you get started!

See the original post here: I Spy: A New Hackerspace In Chile!

Excerpt from: I Spy: A New Hackerspace In Chile!