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Karissa Campbell- Marketing CoordinatorBy: Karissa C. – Marketing Coordinator

We believe that integrating CAD and engineering with the K-12 curriculum is imperative, which is why we decided to team up with Fairmont Preparatory Academy. This highly academic high-school offers an Engineering Magnet program, a highly advanced program that allows high school students to build a strong foundation in math and science while benefiting from a cutting-edge engineering lab, a dedicated college/academic counselor, university-level courses and hands-on opportunities such as internships and study trips.  The Engineering Magnet was developed to further the education and career goals of Fairmont students who are exceptionally gifted in math and science-areas where Fairmont’s program excels.

Two students, Nikhil Narang and Aditi Sinha, had a strong interest in learning more about 3D Printing and Additive Technologies and decided to intern with us. Nikhil wrote an article in the Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s Engineering Magnet Newsletter about his experience interning at GROWit and we want to share it with you.                                                                                                                                                       


By Nikhil Narang

Read the original here: Teaming Up with Fairmont Preparatory Academy



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