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Our workshops are the right place for you to play with high-end 3D customization tools and try out 3D printing the easy way.

We recently launched a new workshop called Pixel Engine. It lets you take a 3D design and customize it in a very unique way. You can choose between one of your 3D designs or one of the thousands of 3D models made available by our designers on the Sculpteo website.

The Pixel Engine Workshop is all about… pixels! It transforms your soft design into a crazily pixelated piece. You can do it because you are looking for a way to change the shape of your design in an interesting and unique style. Or, you can do it just for fun: it is free and available for everyone on the Sculpteo Workshops’ page (we have 11 free workshops available so far, try them out!).

Our Pixel Engine Workshop has been developped by our team of 3D modelization engineers and designers. It can be used as a professional tool for modifying your designs directly online.

You can adjust the number and size of cubes on your pixelated design. Once you get the style you like, have it easily 3D printed by Sculpteo. Click on “Continue” and follow the steps. You will be able to choose your material (from the materials and sizes allowed by the designer, get a real-time preview of your object and order a 3D printing. We deliver everywhere in the world in a few days.

Try the Pixel Engine Workshop here.

Did you try it? What is your best pixelated 3D design so far? Leave your comments below!

See the article here: New Sculpteo Workshop: the Pixel Engine!

Read the original here: New Sculpteo Workshop: the Pixel Engine!

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