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Today, we wanted to share with you a sweet tip to help you be more and more successful with your Sculpteo store.

The best way to let your customers know about your store is to embed it on your own website or blog and share the link on your own mailing-list and newsletter. Making it your own is really the best way for beginning to sell your 3D designs and make your customers  ordering their 3D printed objects. You will earn commissions on each sale (you are free to decide how much you want to take for each sale).

Sculpteo developped the Sculpteo store platform as an easy way for you to embed your store and make money from your 3D designs. We take care of the 3D printing and we deliver the objects to your customers in a few days, everywhere in the world.

The tip we wanted to share with you will help you to jump to the first place on the Sculpteo website itself. Lots of design enthusiasts interested by buying 3D printed objects like to check out the new objects available on Sculpteo. Appearing as a featured design can definitively help you get more customers.

How do I get featured on the first page of the Sculpteo store?

Besides having a great design to share, the useful tip to know is: take a picture of your objects! You will get noticed by your customers as they will know exactly how the object, once 3D printed, will look like. It is the best way to get featured and attract new customers.

Here are some great examples of pictures taken by our designers on their Sculpteo store.

How to add a picture of your 3D designs to your store?

To add a picture to the object you are selling, it is pretty simple. Once you are logged in, select the 3D design for which you want to add a picture:

Click on “Edit”. Once you are in the Design Settings page, select the last tab: “Pictures”. This is where you will be able to add the picture of your object.

Choose the picture you want to add from your computer (all formats and files are accepted), agree with the term of uses and click on “OK”.

We give you a preview of your picture. You can download multiple pictures of your design (we recommand it, the more pictures of your object you have, the more appealing it will be for your customers). If you don’t like the picture, click on the red cross to delete it. When you are ready to publish, click on “Save”.

That’s it! Your picture is online, ready to be seen by your customers.

With pictures of your 3D designs, you will increase your chance to get featured on the front page and you will definitively gain visibility. (And of course, take pictures of your real 3D printed designs!)

In a next article, we will tell you how to take great pictures of your 3D designs. Stay tuned!

Follow this link: A Sweet Tip to Help You Get Featured on the Sculpteo Stores

See more here: A Sweet Tip to Help You Get Featured on the Sculpteo Stores


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