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This year Materialise will be holding the bi-yearly grand conference in our hometown Leuven, Belgium called the Materialise World Conference. Unfortunately the event won’t be open to the public but in return we will make sure to bring the event as much as possible to your screen.

It takes place from the 18th until the 20th of April with an extensive program for all who love 3D printing. What we at i.materialise will be doing is covering all the biggest (non-confidential) stories from the event and present them to you through our blog. This could come in the form of a written blog post or in some case through a nice video. Either ways, you will be well updated on the latest achievements of our company.

At the same time, we will broadcast the fashion show on our website that will highlight our top 20 from the Hats off to 3D Printing Contest. I strongly doubt that this will be a live broadcast, but nevertheless you will most likely receive the footage within hours of it actually happening.

So definitely stay tuned during these days of April as lots of 3D printing goodies will be heading your way.

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