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3D Marketing and Printing Usable Parts

The ability to touch, hold, and feel a representation of a concept makes it much easier to understand the capabilities of said concept. This is true across almost all industries and facets of marketing. Charles Koch of 3Axis Development explains how he is “one of the most dangerous souls on the planet, according to [his] engineers. Like any new 3D tech, the biggest challenge isn’t how you do it, but marketing and positioning the concept to people who do things a traditional way with new method.”

Building 3D Signage

A new proprietary method of turning 2D art into 3D art helps to emphasize the intended message in signage, making it less likely to be lost in a sea of competitor graphics. Using EOS technology out of Germany, 3Axis takes everyday 2D graphics or photos and extracts the 4 color from the image. They analyze the image and rework the graphic in a 3D format. Koch describes the 3D imaging as “a true art form,” as his company collaborates with clients to bring forward precise areas of an image. “It’s not 3D printing. It’s high resolution 3D topography.”

3D Marketing Posters

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