• Jul : 1 : 2015 - World’s first 3D-printed office building to go up layer by layer in Dubai
  • Jul : 1 : 2015 - FormLabs Creates New "Tough Resin" for 3D Printing
  • Jun : 30 : 2015 - Studio Ilio uses electricity to form solid objects from wire and waste 3D-printing powder
  • Jun : 30 : 2015 - Stratasys Reshaping Aerospace, Education, Entertainment and More at RAPID 2015: Exclusive Video Interviews!
  • Jun : 30 : 2015 - To Understand the Future of 3D Printing, Talk to a Student

Very interesting video discussing copyright law and how it is fundamentally unable to cope with the current state of information technology.

3D Printing gets several mentions as a key technology for the future.

The vid goes for an hour, but the lecture is only about 30mins or so – the rest is questions of minimal note.

He starts by giving a history of DRM, then goes from there. Very powerful stuff, it is good to know there are thinkers like this out there.

Give it a watch peoples – you will not regret it.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

More here: The Coming War on General Computation

See the rest here: The Coming War on General Computation

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